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Supporting migrant labours by supplying Kharif Agriculture inputs

An Initiative by Samerth Trust to support the migrants in Kawardha

Sarodadaddar is a small village in Chilfi Gram Panchayat of Bodla Block in Kawardha district of Chhattisgarh. It is surrounded by beautiful natural forests and has majority slopy land, in monsoons the entire area is flooded with greenery and all the families are engaged as labour in Kharif agriculture. The village is inhabited by Baiga tribes who reside only in few districts of MP and Chhattisgarh, all the 46 households belong to Baiga community and village has population of 223. The major sources of livelihoods in the village are agriculture, NTFP collection, labour work in fields, MGNREGA work; the families who do not get income from the above sources migrate to the other places in search of work.


In the lean season, total 36 households migrated to plain areas of Pandariya and Kawardha block for working in sugarcane farms. The only households which did not moved out of the village were the families with alternative sources of income such as jobs and small enterprises. The income from the labour work was used by the families for procuring Kharif inputs and for costs involved in the agricultural activities. 

Samerth Trust, a Civil Society Organisation has been working in the region with the farmers since a long time and has been observing this phenomenon of distressed seasonal migration. This year due to COVID 19 all the families had to return to villages without significant earnings and it created additional pressure on families. Monsoons were about to start and due to lockdown, the procurement of agricultural inputs became even more tougher for these families.

With an objective to support these families, 17 households were provided support for paddy cultivation, this selection was done based on socio-economic conditions and need of the family. All the selected households were provided with paddy seeds and vermi compost so that they can carry out sowing as per the monsoons and no delay happens on field. This was done with funds from Bharat Rural Livelihood foundation (BRLF) specifically for COVID relief. This village is also under High Impact Mega watershed project which aims at increasing income of small and marginal farmers through land and water treatment measures.


Story of Rambai

Rambai, a widow lives in the village with her three children and has  3.5 Acres of cultivable land. She used to migrate to get some extra income each year, in monsoons they would cultivate only 2 acres of land and as there was lack of money to get all the inputs. This year with the support of Samerth Trust, her entire land was ploughed, she received 20 kg of MTU 1010 – certified paddy seeds and 50 kg vermicompost. Ploughing was done by hiring a tractor. She was also given training for nursery development, seed treatment and line sowing of paddy.

This was a much-needed support which can help Rambai ensure food for the entire year and overcome financial problems. If produce is good, it will help family in dealing with the present situations in the best possible way.

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